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W+BC is a voluntary group

We are the people who care for Wildlife throughout the night.

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Wildlife and Badger Care

Caring for wildlife throughout the night between 8pm and 8am.

Wildlife + Badger Care

A voluntary body assisted by Somerset Badger Group & Devon Badger Group

We Rely On Your Support

If you wish to donate, support or volunteer, then get in touch.

Caring For Wildlife Casualties Overnight

An overnight service from 8pm through to 8am

Wildlife + Badger Care

Wildlife + Badger Care is a voluntary group carrying out night service rescue (between 8pm and 8am) for all wildlife casualties in the South West, with the assistance of Somerset Badger Group

Telephone: 07954 036687

For emergency night service rescue for all wildlife casualties in the South West call us on: 07954 036687

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer.